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Manifest Your Desires in 2018 – By Embracing Your Negative Emotions

Why Accepting My Pain Helped Me Heal My face was marred with scars. These very scars caused by isolation, shame, and self-hate. And I was trying to hide them from tyranny, for fear that I will be chastised for my pain. I was dying to be seen. And my scars were just a symbol of my pain-begging to be seen as ok, to be transmuted into light. Instead, I learned to reject and hide my scars, because ...

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How To Change Your “Karma” & Future

The Past is Inherently “Empty” How to change your karma and future A second ago, you may have been drinking coffee. Now, as you put down your coffee, that moment of you sipping that cup of coffee, which is a second ago, is already gone. The past is “gone”—the past is your perception of what happened; you can also call it “your memory.” Most of the time, the past is the meaning your mind has ...

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How A Near-Death Car Accident Taught Me About Self Love

It was midnight. I remember when I looked out to the right car window, I knew I was near death because there was nothing we could have done to avoid the collision. I had only two seconds to react, and then the other car struck my friend’s car. My friend and I were extraordinarily lucky we walked out of that accident with minimal injuries. A year after the accident, this got me thinking—how did I ...

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4 Steps of Mastering Love and Relationships

So we’ve talked about synchrony sex, extended orgasms, and breakups. What’s next? The 4 keys to mastering love and relationships. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Sex and orgasms sound a lot funner than improving your communication skills. But as we’ve previously discussed, powerful communications is the key ingredient of establishing secure relationships. And of course, mind-blowing ...

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On the Power of Gratitude: What Are You Grateful For?

As Thanksgiving is here, many of you may be reflecting on what you’re thankful for. I know some of you readers are not Americans, neither am I... But we can still take Thanksgiving as a day to count our blessings (Ok… other than your six-pack) ;) Gratitude is like a muscle. The more we are grateful for what we have in our lives, the more we train our thoughts to be more thankful for ...

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9 Natural Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Winter Flu

The Dreaded Flu. It doesn't exactly get a great reputation. “Stay away from me!” is probably most people’s reaction, when you cough in a public place. Just as you've had enough of people deliberately avoiding you in the public when you're trying to get through your daily routine (Why aren't you resting?!), you realize that your bug may not go away for weeks... As winter approaches, it ...

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