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One Simple Tip to Deepen Connections + Communications

  In my last few years of interviewing health experts, research, and my own experience, I've found that connection is probably key to health, more so than diet + fitness. While diet and fitness etc are very important, our emotional and mental health, and quality of our connections are key to ...

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Mint Chocolate Matcha Milkshake (Vegan)

This is my version of holiday mints: whip up and bring out a healthy, luscious and energising matcha milkshake. This doesn't take long to make, and I can't tell you how lovely it is to be able to offer an eclectic yet delicious matcha milkshake which tastes like ice-cream, with crème de la crème ...

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How to Be Present & Heal from Trauma

How to Be Present: Why Shadow Work & Trauma Integration Maybe Key to Presence When we were born into this world, we assumed the vibration of our family, our ancestors. By virtue of us assuming such vibration, we will attract “wanted” as well as “unwanted” experiences into our lives. And our ...

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Create What You Desire By Accepting What Is

This happened to me a few weeks ago. I was in resistance by not accepting the present, balling my eyes out over past hurts, with emotions of regret and blame. There's nothing inherently wrong with such emotions, and I embrace them. accepting the present Then, this little voice inside my head hit me ...

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Dive Deep Into Your Pain to Find Your Life Purpose

I originally wrote this article on Medium for Thrive Global. I have tweaked the content slightly to repost on my site. When you purify your karma through diving into your shadow, you purify the collective karma. When you purify the collective karma through shedding light on your shadow, you purify ...

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Stop Calorie Counting and Do This in 2018 Instead

Holiday season is over, and you're back in the grove of things, determined to be your healthiest self by going to the gym and eating healthy. And, you got a bit caught up with your new year resolution of hitting X-amount of calories a day. avoid vegan weight gain Does the thought of ...

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