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How A Near-Death Car Accident Taught Me About Self Love

It was midnight. I remember when I looked out to the right car window, I knew I was near death because there was nothing we could have done to avoid the collision. I had only two seconds to react, and then the other car struck my friend’s car. My friend and I were extraordinarily lucky we walked out of that accident with minimal injuries. A year after the accident, this got me thinking—how did I ...

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How to Reclaim Your Femininity and Be Vulnerable

I had a terrible dream last night. I was a little girl, and I felt betrayed by my mom. She jeopardised my brother’s safety, as well as mine?—?we too, could face imprisonment by speaking up. My mom plotted to kill the patriarchal symbol of control and suppression, standing up to patriarchal values that haunted me when I was growing up. But my mom submitted herself to authority because she was too ...

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8 Steps to Heal From a Heartbreak

I'm not a breakup expert, but I thought you may resonate with this post. From flying to a new city in a suitcase for a conference that was cancelled the last minute to falling in love with the city, surviving the near-fatal car accident (and still recovering from the neck pain), and more, my journey last year has been quite intense. While I thought I could finally chill out over the ...

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What a Near-Fatal Car Accident Taught Me

I have been thinking of you, and I want to share with you an update, as well as a transformative lesson I've learned in the last few weeks. While I loved sharing recipes and interviews with wellness experts with you, I'm going to get a bit up close and personal in this post. One Friday night at 12:30 AM a few weeks ago, a friend invited me to go on a night car ride with him. The adventure ...

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Colon Hydrotherapy: Overlooked Way to Detox & Recharge?

Do you know the #1 obstacle you face in achieving your desired weight and health? You might be tempted to say, “Lack of discipline to workout 5x a week,” or “Bad genes,” or “Long working hours.” And all of those could be obstacles. But there’s one obstacle that exacerbates everything above and makes it much tougher to fix: A sluggish digestive system and toxic body, full of decade-old ...

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Fix Your Morning Routine for a 24-Hour Energy Boost

Yes…. most New Year’s “resolutions” end in failure, at least from what I’ve seen so far. They are either too general (“I want to be fitter!”) or they require too much hard work that takes sheer willpower and effort versus pleasure (i.e. six-pack ab in one-month while working 70-hour weeks and eating below 1,000 calories a day… ) *gasp* Since many of you are trying to start your year off ...

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On the Power of Gratitude: What Are You Grateful For?

As Thanksgiving is here, many of you may be reflecting on what you’re thankful for. I know some of you readers are not Americans, neither am I... But we can still take Thanksgiving as a day to count our blessings (Ok… other than your six-pack) ;) Gratitude is like a muscle. The more we are grateful for what we have in our lives, the more we train our thoughts to be more thankful for ...

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Can you still be spiritual if you eat meat, dairy and eggs? A Conversation with World Renowned Psychic, Ainslie MacLeod

Does veganism sound boring and rigid to you? But it can definitely push you to miss your cheese – or at the very least, think about your ice cream as you nibble on your kale chips (Yes, this happened to me once). If that’s you, veganism is probably not for you, yet. But, you might still be spiritual and want to save the world. So, how does our food intake affect spirituality? What ...

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