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Why Pursuing Our Purpose is Key to Spiritual Mastery and Healing (Part 2)

In Part 1, I discussed:

  • Why pursuing our desires are key to our healing
  • Why following our desires is not un-spiritual
  • Why making our feelings wrong is denying our authentic self
  • Why “reclaiming” and listening to our feelings help us reclaim our truth and achieve our highest purpose

In this article, I will continue to explore why pursuing one’s highest path will ultimately lead one to face one’s shadow and hence, spiritual mastery. I will first discuss how pursuing our “destiny” will lead us to shadow work, because

Why pursuing our soul purpose and transforming our beliefs through shadow work can change our “destiny” and lead us to our highest path

Your purpose in this life is to follow your highest truth. And through shadow work you can change your “destiny,” which is basically an energetic pattern by set by your conditioning, and attain your highest life path potential. Your “destiny” is not fixed — you can change it through awareness and shadow work.

For example, perhaps one’s calling (or soul purpose) may have been in art. However, if one’s parents devalued art and only valued professions such as finance and medicine, one may have suppressed one’s true desires to please one’s parents and be in finance and/or medicine. And when one becomes an adult, one may feel empty, depressed, and numb one’s pain through alcohol, drugs, work, food, etc. One may even develop diseases as a result of this trauma. (This — numbing our emotions — is perhaps the main reason society is rampant with diseases. Without addressing our emotions and unresolved trauma, drugs/surgery alone do not resolve the underlying cause of diseases.)

However, our desires do not fade. They may be suppressed, but if we follow our feelings as our guide, our feelings will tell us what it is that we truly want, if we follow them. In the above example, if that person who was in finance with a true calling in art starts acknowledging and feeling his/her negative emotions, he/she may take action based on such feelings. He/she may take steps to minimize his/her time in his/her job or quit, and/or begin to follow his/her joy and take classes in art, which leads to a new hobby and/or profession in art. As a result, he/she may feel “alive” again, and hence, may not need external “distractions” to numb his/her “pain.”

A caveat, as I’ve mentioned before, is that some of us may have negative beliefs relative to our feelings and our desires. As a result, we may be conditioned to not trust our feelings and not believe that we can achieve our desires, which in turn causes suffering.

For example, beliefs such as I should struggle doing what I dislike to succeed, and I cannot make money doing what I love maybe so ingrained in one’s subconscious that one is not even aware of it. And if that person in the aforementioned scenario adopted such beliefs from his/her conditioning, following his/her calling may present many obstacles. Even if that person works 24/7, hustles, he/she may not find success in his/her calling because of such subconscious beliefs.

However, by changing his/her subconscious beliefs through shadow work, he/she may find that he/she is brilliant and find success in a field he/she is truly passionate about. And the path to success maybe a lot faster compared to the path to success if he/she did not transform his/her subconscious beliefs, if he/she would achieve success in what he/she loves at all given such beliefs.

Why pursuing your highest path will ultimately lead you to face your shadow and spiritual mastery

Wanting to change your “destiny” and attain your “desires” are not unspiritual or wrong, and quite the opposite.

By following your desires and joy, you will inevitably be led to face your shadow. Because the law of attraction will mirror your conscious desires, as well as subconscious beliefs.

And, by facing your shadow, you will be led to feel and accept the feelings you’ve been so afraid to feel i.e. pain. When you let the pain show you what needs to be known, you can become more conscious and re-evaluate your life to one that is more aligned to your higher soul purpose.

By accepting pain as is and offering it unconditional presence, you are truly living and being in present. Because you are not in resistance to what is. And you do not need to become attached to your pain either — your pain is not you. By realizing this, you become open to feeling and experiences that life offer, because you are no longer running away from your shadow.

As healing is changing an energetic pattern from what is unwanted to what it is that is wanted, following our desires is key to “healing” and wellness.

By using our feeling as our compass and following our desires, we will inevitably be led to face our shadow, which will inevitably lead to our healing, and then that of the world.

As a result, I believe pursuing our highest calling is the door to awakening and spiritual mastery.

And, by facing your shadow pursuing your desires, you will inevitably be led to a spiritual path which includes acceptance, compassion, and love of yourself. And it is only through this self love that you can genuinely extend love to others.

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