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80/10/10: Best Foods to Boost Energy and Athletic Performance? (Part 3)

One of the many benefits of a multi-part series  like this is that I can drive you crazy – or at least make you keep reading – by withholding key information until the end. In this case, though, I’m going to do something even better and give away some of it here in Part 3,  some of it in Part 4, before the conclusion to the series in Part 5. Talk about foreplay ;) This time around, we’re ...

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Summer No-Cook Recipe: Raw Asian Quinoa Salad with Carrot Ginger Dressing

I love this salad because of its exotic flavors. The tangy taste of ginger complements the sweetness of the carrots. Mix that with the fulsome oiliness of the tahini, smokiness of the golden, maple syrup, as well a zesty flavor of the lemon juice. This gives you the perfectly sweet carrot ginger dressing to nourish your body. Add that to the colorful mesclun greens and sprouted quinoa, you ...

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