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Vanilla Almond Hot Cacao: Try this post-workout in the cold

  by Nicole Lana Lee Cacao is food for the soul. In the winter, a great cup of homemade hot cacao (chocolate) is probably very comforting and heartwarming, especially when you’ve exercised the whole day, be it skiing and snowboarding in the snow, or kiteboarding and surfing in the freezing cold water. Other than our Tropical Luv'in Coconut Mint Mocha, you'd love the below if you love ...

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Energizing Coco-Berry Smoothie

  by Nicole Lana Lee Antioxidant & Protein Powerhouse Beautifying & Boosts Metabolism (Enhances athletic performance) Guilt-free: Tastes just like ice-cream with no artificial sugar, dairy & cream Choco-fix: Fixes your chocolate craving while boosting your antioxidant levels 100% Natural: Boosts your vitamin level without pills or supplements Great smoothie to ...

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100% Natural Glowing Protein Smoothie

On the go? Looking to fuel muscles pre/post workout & for something filling? Looking to replace your Starbucks Frappuccino? Don't have the time to chew your veggies and fruit, and don't like the bitter taste of vegetable juices? High in protein & packed with antioxidants 100% Natural  Takes less than 10 minutes to make! Introducing… 100% Natural Glowing Protein ...

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Tropical Luv’in – Drink this Vegan, Minty, Coconut Mocha

  Vegan, Caffeine Free Takes less than 3 minutes to make! Simple, Easy, Fast Tastes delicious!   Introducing…  Tropical Luv'in Coconut Mocha  Ingredients: (1) 50 grams of coconut milk (2) 50 grams of water (to make teccino) (3) 1/2 tablespoon of chocolate mint teeccino (4) 1/2 tablespoon of raw cacao Optional (5) Mint leaves to garnish (6) ...

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Delicious Ironman Testosterone Juice That Boosts Libido

All the juice hype. I know. As much I love to juice, I know some vegetable juice just isn't that palatable. But what if the juice... -   Boosts your sex drive (READ BELOW!) -   Increases your energy level -  Takes less than 3 minutes to make! -   Tastes awesome while blasting you with multivitamins Introducing...Spinach and Apple Juice Why spinach? Magnesium: Spinach ...

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