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4 Steps of Mastering Love and Relationships

So we’ve talked about synchrony sex, extended orgasms, and breakups. What’s next? The 4 keys to mastering love and relationships. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Sex and orgasms sound a lot funner than improving your communication skills. But as we’ve previously discussed, powerful communications is the key ingredient of establishing secure relationships. And of course, mind-blowing ...

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Extended orgasms?

Perhaps over a period of time, the sexual chemistry with your partner dies down and sex has been put on the back-burner. Other priorities, like your job and family, is put on the forefront. Forget about orgasms. You’re dissatisfied. And you contemplate having an affair, or leaving the relationship.  Or... you convince yourself that sex is not that important, and that it usually dies down ...

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Synchrony Sex: The Best and Most Orgasmic Way to Boost Your Health?

There’s one thing that fuels our world: sex. You are bombarded with messages of sex daily, subconsciously or consciously, through news, advertisement, magazines, etc. Hey, sex sells! I’d argue that our urge to look good and stay healthy is due to our innate desire to remain sexually attractive and potent, no matter how old we are. Sexual energy is arguably one of our most powerful tool, ...

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