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Synchrony Sex: The Best and Most Orgasmic Way to Boost Your Health?

There’s one thing that fuels our world: sex. You are bombarded with messages of sex daily, subconsciously or consciously, through news, advertisement, magazines, etc. Hey, sex sells! I’d argue that our urge to look good and stay healthy is due to our innate desire to remain sexually attractive and potent, no matter how old we are. Sexual energy is arguably one of our most powerful tool, ...

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3 Clean Kale Salad Recipes to Get You In Shape for Summer

As summer is approaching, we’re all looking to get our six-pack before we start hitting the beaches. And no, you don’t want to starve yourself because this is not sustainable. The easiest way to lose the weight naturally is to eat clean. And to eat clean is to avoid processed foods and keep your foods as natural, wholesome and raw as possible. This means lots of relatively less caloric-dense ...

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Top 10 Best Plant-Based Foods for Eye Health

Not too many of us pay attention to how important our eyes are in our daily lives. As a matter of fact, we sometimes take our 20/20 eye sight for granted, until we hit 60 and get cataract. By at that time, will it be too late? For many of you sports enthusiasts, you may be staring at the sun all the time, especially if you're in the beach for the summer season, or in the ocean playing. ...

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4 Great Questions To Ask Before You Buy Your Local, Organic Food

In honor of Earth Day, what can we do individually do to go green? Many green advocates are talking about shopping local these days. Of course, shopping local can be better because this supports local farmers and promotes energy conservation, among many other reasons. However in some areas, a variety of local and seasonal foods may not be available for much of the year. Cities like New York ...

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Sweet and Nutty Raw Carrot Cake

Carrot cakes are delicious. But many carrot cakes you see are loaded with refined sugar, butter, and are processed in heat. I've designed a raw, vegan carrot cake that takes less than 30-minutes to make. The aftertaste of caramel makes this cake sensational. I particularly love the lemon icing, which makes the cake tastes extra fresh and sweet. The tangy taste of lemon, complemented with the ...

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