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Simple Health Blueprint

Maybe you’re too busy to care about health because it is not a priority on your list.

You’ve got a deadline to meet. You barely had enough sleep. You really don’t have the time to care.

Or maybe you want to be healthy, but every time you want to eat healthy, life gets in the way – so you give yourself the excuse that you’ll workout and eat better the next day.

As time goes on, you become more fatigued, stressed out, and you find it a lot harder to lose the 15 pounds you’ve put on. On weekends, you’re tired, and you can sleep all day. You’re merely surviving the week… and weekend.

When visits to doctors and health experts, extreme diets, supplements and workout plans fail you, you end up frustrated, discouraged, disheartened, and feel like you’re never going to get healthier.

What’s stopping you from regaining your health and living your best life?


Context – knowing what it’s really like to regain your health by incorporating whole and flavourful foods in your diet, exercising effectively, and finding the right experts to help you stay healthy.

Existing resources miss the mark because they’re not written by someone who…

  • Has gone through and understand the struggles of staying healthy in a 100-hour job
  • Miraculously survived and healed from a near-death car accident
  • Scours the East and the West to find the best natural health and wellness products and experts

One more thing…

There’s simply too much noise out there.

I’ve decided to simplify the noise and help you:

  • Learn what people in the wellness industry actually do to stay healthy – from insiders, including renowned doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, yoga teachers, health food chefs, and more
  • Cook wholesome and simple recipes in less than 30-minutes that saves you time
  • Cultivate proven, effective habits  to stay fit and healthy wherever, whenever you are
  • Find the root cause of your ailments and balance your body using combination of alternative and Western medicine
  • Maintain your peace in an urban city, and in social situations where you’re exposed to plenty of junk food and alcohol

All you need to do is take action based on what you learn here.

Introducing the Simple Health Blueprint

Here’s what this Blueprint offers:

  • 21 systematic, proven, high-impact tips you start implementing now to gain more energy and get into the top shape of your life and maintain it, without starving yourself
  • Free Simple  Health Blueprint newsletter, with more in-depth advice and easy, actionable tips
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Need more information? Carry on:

When I first began my path to health, I knew almost nothing about how to eat right (aside from my own personal experience).

After years of traveling, dedicated research, mistakes, experimentation, sweat, tears and countless chats with experts in the health & wellness industry, things have changed.

My path to wellness has given me a deep sense of mission to spread the message of well-being, at the deepest level, to the world. I am by no means perfect. However, I can speak from experience, and understand how difficult it can seem, at a particular point of time, to transform your health.

This is why I wrote this Simple Health Guide to give you the top 21 actionable tips you can implement right now to empower yourself to health. You can change your life instantly by incorporating the simple tips on this guide.

In other words, by signing up right now, and putting into practice what you’ll learn, you’ll soon join the ranks of some of the healthiest and fittest folks.

To make it work even better, we’ll also be including more expert interviews and effortless recipes only exclusive to VIP members that show you how to eat and cook healthily, the easy way.

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