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Eat, Surf, Pl(r)ay in Bali

Surf (if lucky, add kitesurfing). Meditate. Yoga. Massage. Body Scrub. Dance. Raw food!

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My dream. Perhaps yours too.

This was my second time in Bali, and I am happy to return to this magical place, full of rituals, history, and beautiful scenery. Despite the chaos on the streets, locals seem to be relaxed, at peace, and welcoming. They seem to rejoice at the simple pleasures in life.

Perhaps Bali’s lush environment and bounty of healthy, organic food lend to this magical and spiritual atmosphere.

I freely concede that surfing in soft, clean, baby waves, meditating right next to the river, and waking up to birds chirping was rejuvenating to say the least. I must also confess that I can’t seem to stop eating fresh, organic, raw gourmet food.

I spent a few days in Seminyak where I had my photoshoot. Seminyak was a bit too “touristy” for me.

Then I spent a few days in Sanur, where I spent my mornings and late afternoons surfing. I was fortunate enough to train with Luca from Rip Curl Surf School who has helped me hone my surfing skills. Unfortunately, there was insufficient wind for kiting, but I’ll settle for near perfect waves 🙂

And I was also invited to Bali Sharks, after a beautiful surf session. Bali Sharks is conservation nursery for baby white and black tip reef sharks. These sharks have been rescued from fishermen, and they are being nurtured in this sanctuary.

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The sanctuary would then release the sharks back to the ocean. I am so thankful for the opportunity to swim with these baby sharks. The white tips are friendlier than the black tips, and it was my first time being so close to sharks, let alone swimming with them.

After my time in Sanur, I spent a few days in Ubud. I really like the vibe of Ubud, more so than the town of Sanur. Ubud is a very spiritual place full of yoga studios, health food restaurants, traditional crafts, and dance.

My favorite restaurant in Ubud is Alchemy. Their breakfast bowl was probably the best breakfast I’ve tasted in my life. I loved the mixture of coconut orange whip cream with vanilla cashew milk, coupled with the crunchiness of the sprouted granola.

Raw, vegan chocolate granola topped with coconut orange whip cream, raw cacao sauce, mixed berry compote, drizzled with vanilla cashew milk: the result itself yields a deeply seductive and wholesome breakfast. I must also confess that I can’t seem to stop adding coconut whip cream to the granola base: it always provides such depth and almost lusciousness.

I also love their nori rolls with cashew dill cheese and jicama rice. Beautifully done – savoury but not too salty. A light meal, best served with salad.

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I also liked Garden Kafe at Yoga Barn, particularly loved their Tiger Bowl and ice-cream, though their level of customer service can be improved.

Additionally, I had an inspirational Kathara healing session with a local healer. An experience I’ve never had before.

After a few days in Ubud town, I spent some time in Fivelements, an eco-conscious, simple yet elegantly luxurious boutique resort with only 9 rooms. A spiritual oasis I’d say.

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Secluded from Ubud, I was surrounded by rice paddy fields, luscious trees, and the sacred Ayung River.

The rooms were spacious with high grass-roofed ceilings, recycled timber floors, furnished with traditional Balinese furniture. The rooms also featured outdoor bathroom so you can bathe facing the river in a lush and tropical setting.

My time there looked a little like this:

I arrived at around 1:30PM after an intense morning of surf in Sanur.

2:00PM – Organic lunch. Loved their kimchi dumpling, which is made of raw papaya wrap, stuffed with daikon, served with miso soup, spinach, and mushrooms. Also had their jicama nori rolls.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.52.36 am

3:00 – 5:00PM – Checked in, relaxed

5:00PM – Had a tour with their manager to check out their sustainable garden

6PM – Dip in water healing pool

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7PM – Colonic

8:30PM – Light dinner. Loved their Balinese Sampler, particularly their dehydrated rice crackers, and yellow curry – steeped in local, Balinese, exotic flavours.

11PM – Slept

Next morning:

6:15 – Meditation

7:30 – Individual Yoga Practice in their Mandala Agung room, which is built with 100% sustainable bamboo and thatched roofing

8:45 – Dip in their water healing pool

9:30 – Organic vegetable juice, fruit, and granola/banana pancake for breakfast

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11- Chilled in my room and dipped in the pool again

12 – Left for the airport

Come with me to experience the above…

Surf. Kite. Meditate. Do yoga. Eat deliciously healthy foods. Play in the ocean.

An idea is bubbling within me, and I would like to gather a community of conscious and adventurous people together with the desire to reconnect with nature, surf, kite, get away from their busy routine, and learn to improve their health while having a blast.

Shoot me an email/leave a comment if you have any ideas, and would like to join me.