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Introducing the Deliciously Playful Lana Podcast

I’m thrilled to announce an all new podcast series, Deliciously Playful Lana, that I’ll be offering.

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These upcoming podcasts will provide you additional information and inspiration to support you on your health and wellness journey, especially since I’ll be interviewing numerous health experts and guests on their secrets to health, productivity, energy, and attractiveness.

In this first podcast, I will be speaking with Ken Spector, from HappyCow, the Healthy Eating Guide worldwide, who was recently in Hong Kong for a world wide tour.

I learned a ton in this discussion, including:

  • Why Ken decided to become vegan, and why he thinks meat products can cause our digestive system to be sluggish
  • Why it’s so easy to be on a plant-based diet anywhere, anytime (80 types of vegan cheese in a grocery store?)
  • Why veganism does not have to be restrictive (yes… some vegan cheese, like Miyoko Schinner’s, tastes better than dairy cheese)
  • How you can be vegan and be the strongest man in the world (yes vegan Patrik Baboumian breaks world record for the most weight ever carried)
  • Why going vegan boosts your sexual stamina
  • Why “the power of protein” has been exaggerated, and why you don’t need animal protein to buff up
  • Why Ken has boundless energy and does not need to monitor his calories on a vegan diet

Why a Podcast? And Why Now?

It seems to be the thing to do.

Several dozen popular blogs and content sites have started podcasts in the past 1-2 years.

It was time to spice up the format and content here, and a podcast is a great way to cover topics that don’t lend themselves to articles or videos.

Finally, it’s much easier to get guests to sit down for a 20-40 minute chat than it is to go back and forth multiple times with written documents.

Click here to listen to the file on podbean.

Click here to download the file on itunes.

Questions or Guest Suggestions? 

If you have more questions you want to see addressed on this vegan podcast in the future, leave a comment below or reply to one of Deliciously Playful Lana‘s newsletter emails (yes, I personally read everything).

And if you have suggestions for future guests, or you want to be on the podcast yourself, also leave a comment below or reply to one of my emails.