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Adaptogens: Secret to Better Mood, Sex, and Health? (Part 1)

There are lots of talk about adaptogens in the wellness world these days. It's the new "buzzword", well at least in the "West." Adaptogens have gotten particularly popular these days. Examples include GOOP's collaboration with Moon Juice's Amanda Chantal Bacon on their $30 adaptogenic "Dusts," ...

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How A Near-Death Car Accident Taught Me About Self Love

It was midnight. I remember when I looked out to the right car window, I knew I was near death because there was nothing we could have done to avoid the collision. I had only two seconds to react, and then the other car struck my friend’s car. My friend and I were extraordinarily lucky we walked ...

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4-Ingredient Salted Caramel Easter Truffles

If you're going to get started, these are the easiest easter truffles you should begin with. It's simple and so deliciously good. Conventional caramel truffles usually require pure white sugar and a sugar-thermometer, none of which I prefer, but vegan, healthy, refined-sugar free truffles can be ...

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Raw Coconut Lemon Icecream Cake

In all honesty, the origin of this Raw Coconut Lemon Icecream Cake is simply that I wanted to make a really good lemon meringue pie that is healthy with minimal ingredients - something I can just use straight from the refrigerator. I try to limit the amount of coconut oil and nuts in this cake since ...

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3 Tips to Super Charge Productivity After Lunch

This article has originally appeared on Huffington Post You’ve made it halfway through the day! Your day started at 7 AM and lunch is right around the corner. You go to your favorite salad place and wait in line to order food. Ten minutes passes by and you finally get to the front of the ...

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