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Tropical Mango Green Smoothie

I've been making this drink almost daily, to switch it up from my SuperCharger Green Smoothie. This drink is a great way to include lots of greens in your morning to kickstart your day and give you energy. If you're too lazy to chew slowly, and/need a quick burst of energy in the morning or as a ...

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How To Change Your “Karma” & Future

The Past is Inherently “Empty” How to change your karma and future A second ago, you may have been drinking coffee. Now, as you put down your coffee, that moment of you sipping that cup of coffee, which is a second ago, is already gone. The past is “gone”?—?the past is your perception of what ...

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4 Powerful Adaptogens for Better Energy, Mood & Sleep

Last time around, we talked about how adaptogens bring you back to balance, and increases our energy without leading to a crash. To reiterate our point, an adaptogen is any substance, generally from an herbal or a plant-based food, we ingest that balances the body. So you may wonder, what are ...

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