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Increase & Restore Sexual Energy with this Adaptogen

Most of us enjoy sex. However, as there are increasing demands on us, some of us may lose desire and appetite for sex because we are leading an imbalanced life. Luckily, adaptogens can come to the rescue. James Costello is back with us again to talk about how this one adaptogen can help us ...

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4 Powerful Adaptogens for Better Energy, Mood & Sleep

Last time around, we talked about how adaptogens bring you back to balance, and increases our energy without leading to a crash. To reiterate our point, an adaptogen is any substance, generally from an herbal or a plant-based food, we ingest that balances the body. So you may wonder, what are ...

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Heavenly Chocolate: Vegan Chocolate Banana Mousse

  There are a few things, after a long day, that I want to do. One of which is indulging in soothing chocolate desserts, just before I go to bed, be it a dark chocolate square, hot chocolate or bites of a chocolate pie. Chocolate has an earthy, dark and intense flavor, and it elevates our ...

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Adaptogens: Better than Caffeine? (Part 2)

Last time around, we learned what adaptogens are, and how they work in balancing our body. We’ll pick up today from where we left off and cover why adaptogens can increase our energy without leading to a crash, and how they work in balancing our body. You might think that adaptogens may only ...

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