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You’re probably a founder, an executive who is so focused on running your business and expanding that you don’t have the time to figure out how to convey your value proposition effectively to the outside world. Fair enough, maybe marketing and copywriting wasn’t your focus previously.

But now that your product is out in the market, it is time for you to ensure your product is marketed properly to your target customers. And if you don’t have enough in-house writers, you may want to consider working with a professional copywriter like me… Why?

In my chats with founders, I find it mind boggling that a lot of companies don’t convey their stories effectively. As a result, this causes under-pricing and lost sales. After all, customers may not quite understand why they are paying a certain price for your product, or/and why they need to use your product and services in the first place…

And, when I talk to founders of companies in-depth, I realise that they tend to miss out on the tiny details that make their businesses stand out. And do not underestimate such minute details – If they conveyed such details effectively to customers, I’m sure this will not only differentiate their brand, but also boost sales.

Since I am very passionate about health and wellness, I hate to see founders in this space lose sales (hey we need you to thrive so you can serve more people!) because they aren’t conveying their story and message effectively.

Writing takes a lot of time from founders. Succeeding in the health and wellness space is already tough enough. Why don’t you specialise in what you’re good at, and let me take care of the writing and content of your business so you can optimise your productivity and time?

So, why me?

As a content marketer, I’ll get into your brain and help you break down complex ideas into simple and easy-to-understand concepts to help you meet your business objectives. I know how to write and I have a knack for understanding difficult concepts and simplifying complex information to readers.

I’m a journalist, I ask the right questions, and can help you sell effectively. After my chat with you, I’ll also take the time to understand your business and business goals. I look at the big picture, and will make sure that the writing and content strategy help you achieve your business objectives.

I am business driven, and I understand content marketing. I can help you share expert information with your community so you can convert prospects to customers, and establish your business as a reliable expert in your field.

I am a very solid writer with years of marketing and editorial experience. I’ve spent over 5 years on editing, writing, and conveying key messages. I also possess in-depth knowledge of wellness and health.

I know your audience. As someone who loves wellness and health, I am your audience so I know how to write to them.

I dive deep into research. As a health journalist, not only do I know a lot about alternative wellness, I geek out on scientific and medical journals too.

I will help your brand stand out. My engaging voice and distinctive writing style can help you captivate your readers’ hearts.

Now that we’re done with copywriting, what about your health?

As a founder or executive, many of you maybe neglecting your health and suppressing your emotions. Hey, who needs negative emotions when you have a deadline to meet?

That being said, I’ve found, firsthand, that when you suppress your negative emotions, you also hurt your health, as well as your relationships professionally and personally.

Since I’m so passionate about wellness and communications, I also guide executives and founders to manage their emotions and communicate effectively in personal and professional relationships. I believe success in and out of the workplace includes managing emotions, health, and relationships (professional and personal) effectively.

As your go-to wellness curator and communications coach, I can guide you to better understand and manage your emotions, and communicate more powerfully and effectively. By helping you understand your emotions, I can also guide you to communicate more powerfully and effectively, helping you meet your needs and desires professionally and personally.

And, to support your internal self discovery process, I can tailor a wellness action plan that is pleasurable and sustainable, incorporating wellness advice from top health experts around the world, to help you lead a more balanced and rich life.

I also offer wellness and communications workshops to corporates.

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