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About Nicole Lana Lee

Hi, I’m Nicole Lana Lee. Amongst many other passions of mine, I love wellness, coaching, and writing.

I use my blog, my Medium and Instagram pages to share my experiences and what I’ve learned in my last few years of intensive studies with you, so that you can be your healthiest, best, and most authentic self.

I guide executives and founders to work with their emotions and communicate effectively. I believe that the key to good health stems from having a healthy relationship with our emotions, as being aware of our emotions and communicating effectively are key to building good relationships. Since connection and relationships are crucial to health, emotions, physical health, and relationships are all interrelated.

As your go-to wellness curator and communications coach, I can guide you to communicate more powerfully and effectively, helping you meet your needs and desires professionally and personally.

I work as a blogger, coach, and spend my days doing yoga, researching esoteric arts, dancing, writing, coming up with creative ideas, and thinking about to help people heal and feel a-live.

And, to support your internal self discovery process, I can tailor a wellness action plan to help you lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. Read more here.