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About Nicole Lana Lee

Hi, I’m Nicole Lana Lee. Amongst many other passions of mine, I love wellness, coaching, and writing.

It all started for me over a few years ago when I was struggling with my own extreme moods, weight gain and low energy during my time in corporate – I spent over 70 hours a week working, coping with emotional pain trying to prove myself in a prestigious role that did not suit me. I thought I was doing it right by going to the gym and eating relatively clean, but my anxiety and constant need of approval clouded my ability to listen to what my body and soul really needed.

I remembered the relief I felt when I left corporate. And that marked the beginning of my wellness journey, as I started practising yoga and kiteboarded around the world. Yoga taught me how to feel, but I still had a lot of suppressed anger and did not know how to process my negative emotions. And it wasn’t until….

The wakeup call — When a near fatal car accident in a new city almost killed me, I realised that accidents and illnesses can happen unexpectedly and take away what we take for granted – our health, and more – instantly. I’ve then became relentless in my pursuit of wellness, spirituality, vitality and bliss through spirituality and alternative medicine. I believe physical and mental health are keys that allow us to thrive professionally and personally. Nicole Lana Lee

The car accident prompted me to evaluate my past and conditioned thoughts passed down from society and family.  I realised that suppressing my negative emotions was affecting everything, from my physical health to emotional health to relationships to work. So I committed myself to understanding how to manage my emotions. Nicole Lana Lee

When I started to learn how our emotions actually work, I realised that they were working for me, instead of against me. And by listening to my emotions and following my joy, I acted and ate in a way that healed my mind, body, and spirit.

I’ve transformed quite a lot, for the better. Once I started listening to my emotions, my body responded. I found balance with my obsession with food and exercise,  and I’ve also lost weight naturally.

I want you to heal and feel a-live. I would love the opportunity to share my experiences and what I’ve learned in my last few years of intensive studies with you, so that you feel great in your life, and be your best self. Having traveled around the world, a background in the East and the West, and having explored various healing modalities and esoteric practices, I can offer customised coaching and tailored programs.




When I’m not researching or trying out the latest wellness trend, you can often find me working out, practicing yoga as well as Pilates, surfing, and kiteboarding.  I am also very passionate about exploring diverse healing modalities, skincare, spirituality, and beauty, and spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen or shopping at grocery stores.

I graduated from Georgetown University, and have also obtained my Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition at T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell. I’ve also studied under raw food chefs Mimi Kirk and Executive Chef Made Tantra from Fivelements Bali.  I’ve spent years pursuing kiteboarding and yoga around the world.

As a seasoned yoga practitioner with over 9 years of hands-on yoga experience and a yoga teacher, I’ve studied under Wendy Wyvill’s Vinyasa Immersion program. My yoga practice has been heavily influenced by Wendy Wyvill’s style and belief in yoga– that the yoga practice is a healing tool to help us reconnect with our true self. I am also a firm believer and practitioner of the shadow work, and am a Certified Completion Process Practitioner by Teal Swan.

I’m a regular contributor to Thrive Global. My articles are also published on Huffington PostNatural News, and One Green Planet. I’m also a writer for Allset.

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I use my blog, my Medium and Instagram pages to share my experiences and what I’ve learned in my last few years of intensive studies with you, so that you can be your healthiest, best, and most authentic self.

I guide people to work with their emotions and communicate effectively. I believe that the key to good health stems from having a healthy relationship with our emotions, as being aware of our emotions and communicating effectively are key to building good relationships. Since connection and relationships are crucial to health, emotions, physical health, and relationships are all interrelated.

As your go-to wellness curator and communications coach, I can guide you to communicate more powerfully and effectively, helping you meet your needs and desires professionally and personally.

I work as a blogger, coach, and spend my days doing yoga, researching esoteric arts, dancing, writing, coming up with creative ideas, and thinking about to help people heal and feel a-live.