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Nicole Lana’s Story and Bio



I have always had a desire to express myself in creative ways, but that was buried because of societal and familial expectations and conditioning. I’ve always loved writing, communications, wellness, spirituality, personal development, and beauty. But, it wasn’t until the loss of my job and a near-death car accident a few years ago that I started this blog and my path.

Years ago, I was struggling with my extreme and dark moods, weight gain and low energy during my time in corporate. I thought I was doing it right by going to the gym and eating relatively clean, but my trauma, anxiety and constant need of approval clouded my ability to listen to what my body and soul really needed.

When the financial crisis hit, I made a decision to follow my dream of pursuing yoga, kiteboarding, spirituality, and wellness. I also became relentless in my pursuit of wellness, spirituality, vitality and bliss through spirituality and alternative medicine. I did lots of research, interviewed many health experts, and studied quite intensively.

Yoga taught me how to feel. Being in the ocean taught me the importance of following the ebb and flow in life. Pursuing my studies in wellness taught me the intimate link between food and health. However, I still had a lot of suppressed anger and did not know how to process my negative emotions.

I was longing for a solution to my dark emotions, but it didn’t seem like anyone was able to help. I saw therapists, coaches, and even intuitives. I was not ready then.



And it wasn’t until a near fatal car accident that I started a new phase of my life. The car accident prompted me to evaluate my past and conditioned thoughts passed down from society and family.  I realised that suppressing my negative emotions was affecting everything, from my physical health to emotional health to relationships to work. So I committed myself to understanding how to manage my emotions. Nicole Lana Lee

I studied under master healers and did intensive emotional processing work. I started realising how trauma impacts every area of our lives, from our health to our work to our relationships. Most importantly, I’ve realised that one can only be truly present by integrating one’s trauma.

And by processing and listening to my emotions, I became calmer, more present, at peace with my self, acted and ate intuitively, in a way that is health supportive. I’ve also lost even more weight naturally, and more…all a by product of processing and working with my emotions.

I use my blog, my Medium and Instagram pages to share my experiences and what I’ve learned in my last few years of intensive studies with you, so that you can be your healthiest, best, and most authentic self.

I work as a blogger, coach, and spend my days doing yoga, researching esoteric arts, dancing, writing, coming up with creative ideas, and thinking about to help people heal and feel a-live.

Having traveled around the world, a background in the East and the West, and having explored various healing modalities and esoteric practices, I can offer customised coaching and tailored programs. Please contact me for more details.




When I’m not researching or trying out the latest wellness trend, you can often find me dancing, working out, practicing yoga as well as Pilates, surfing, and kiteboarding.  I am also very passionate about exploring diverse healing modalities, skincare, spirituality, and beauty, and spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen or shopping at grocery stores.

I graduated from Georgetown University, and have also obtained my Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition at T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell. I’ve been pursuing my studies at Stanford University’s Interpersonal Dynamics program. I’ve also studied under raw food chefs Mimi Kirk and Executive Chef Made Tantra from Fivelements Bali.  I’m also a surfer and kiteboarder.

As a seasoned yoga practitioner with over 9 years of hands-on yoga experience, I’ve studied under Wendy Wyvill’s Vinyasa Immersion program. I firmly believe that the yoga practice is a healing tool to help us reconnect with our true self. I am also a Certified Completion Process Practitioner by Teal Swan.

I’m a regular contributor to Thrive Global. My articles are also published on Huffington PostNatural News, and One Green Planet.

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