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About Nicole Lana Lee

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My Story

My goal is to help you live your healthiest and best life, passionately.

It all started for me over a few years ago when I was struggling with my own extreme moods, weight gain and low energy during my time in corporate – I spent over 70 hours a week working, neglected my health, emotional well being, and relationships.

When a near fatal car accident in a new city almost killed me, I realised that accidents and illnesses can happen unexpectedly and take away what we take for granted – our health, and more – instantly. I’ve then became relentless in my pursuit of wellness and vitality, because I cherish health – the key that allows us to thrive professionally and personally.


What I learned transformed my health and inspired me to curate the most credible knowledge from wellness experts to the world.

Most importantly, the car accident taught me the importance of working with the best experts in alternative and Western medicine to realign my body, mind, and spirit. I’ve also determined that the secret to wellness and vitality is having access to and knowledge of the best and most credible wellness practitioners.

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As I continued to heal, I realise that many of us are suffering from chronic ailments and pain, emotional and physical, from trauma. And we hide our pain by overworking, drinking too much, taking drugs, and more. We are simply surviving, not thriving, not living life passionately. This leads to more pain and unconsciousness in the world.

As I have been blessed to have worked with extraordinary professionals in my wellness journey, I’m dedicated to giving back by curating expert health opinions to help you be your best self, in the most time- and cost-effective way possible.

The bridge between Asian and Western medicine.

Even though I grew up with Western medicine, I learned the importance of Asian philosophies and Eastern medicine. Born and raised in Hong Kong, where East meets West, I believe that the marriage of Western medicine, with other healing modalities and alternative medicine, is key to optimising our health and well-being.

We can optimise our health, prevent and reverse dis-ease through lifestyle medicine. The above stems from awareness, intention, internal power, knowledge, as well as support from a community of like-minded people, as well as access to wellness experts and their knowledge.

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Be your best self.

This website is designed to provide you the tools, including expert interviews, whole foods-based recipes, fitness, productivity, relationship tips and more, to nourish, connect, play, and evolve.

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About Nicole Lana Living Media

Nicole Lana Living Media is a lifestyle and digital media site, offering a curation of content from alternative and knowledgeable wellness experts around the world. I hope to provide easy-to-implement tools to teach, inspire, and enable health conscious and busy people like you to optimise your health.

I hope Nicole Lana Living Media is an indispensable resource for you who love to Nourish, Connect, Play, and Evolve.

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About Me  

When I’m not researching or trying out the latest wellness trend, you can often find me practicing yoga as well as Pilates, learning to surf, and kiteboarding.  I am also very passionate about skincare, spirituality, beauty, and fitness, and spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen or shopping at grocery stores.

I graduated from Georgetown University, and have also obtained my Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition at T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell. I’ve also studied under raw food chefs Mimi Kirk and Executive Chef Made Tantra from Fivelements Bali.  I’ve spent years pursuing kiteboarding and yoga around the world.

As a seasoned yoga practitioner with over 8 years of hands-on yoga experience and a budding yoga teacher (facilitator would be the better word), I’m studying under Wendy Wyvill’s Vinyasa Immersion program. My yoga practice has been heavily influenced by Wendy Wyvill’s style and belief in yoga– that the yoga practice is a healing tool to help us reconnect with our true self. I am also a firm believer of the shadow work, and love Teal Swan‘s Completion Process and teachings.

I’m a regular contributor to Thrive Global. My articles are also published on Huffington PostNatural News,  One Green Planet and Green Queen. I’m also a writer for Allset.

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