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Communication & Emotional Wellness Workshops

When we work with people, suppressing our emotions and not expressing what we want may hold us back from our success and our highest potential.

By suppressing our emotions and needs, we breed resentment and may engage in passive aggressive tactics in relationships and work.

We will then limit our ability to communicate, solve problems, and resolve conflict effectively. This may hold you and your team’s successes back, be it in relationships and/or at work.

Our interactive workshops are designed to take you and your team’s emotional and communication skills to the next level. 

Current workshop offering include:

Managing Your Emotions & Communicating Your Desires

In professional and personal interpersonal relationships, communicating effectively, especially during stressful times and conflicts, can lead to better relationships, enhanced productivity and well-being.

That being said, managing our emotions, particularly our negative ones, and expressing our needs, especially when they in conflict with another person’s needs, can be challenging.

Learn the 3 pillars of expressing and communicating your emotions, and meeting your needs.

#1: Self Awareness

  • Identifying your thoughts & emotion, and find out what it is that you need and desire from any situation

#2: Communication 

  • Express your needs and desires to others so others can join you in co-creating your vision

#3: Relationship Building

  • Build supportive relationships, give and receive feedback

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