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Nicole Lana’s Story



My mission is to help you develop a lifestyle that promotes health, wellness and self-acceptance.

In order to do so, I believe that tapping into our emotions is key — By fully embracing and integrating our emotions, we can change our subconscious beliefs and thought patterns, which in turn transforms our relationships and health.

How did this begin?

It all started for me over years ago when I was struggling with my own extreme moods, weight gain and low energy during my time in corporate – I spent over 70 hours a week working, coping with emotional pain trying to prove myself in a prestigious role that did not suit me. I thought I was doing it right by going to the gym and eating relatively clean, but my anxiety and constant need of approval clouded my ability to listen to what my body and soul really needed.

I was struggling with my extreme and dark moods, weight gain and low energy during my time in corporate. The above was reflected by nightmares, suppressed anger, anxiety, fluctuating weight, food binges, and more. Even though I was surrounded by many health experts, the ones I talked to at that time did not know how to process their own negative emotions, and just told me to be positive and get on with it.

Needless to say, their advice did not work for me. I was longing for an effective and sustainable solution to my dark emotions, but it didn’t seem like anyone was able to help. I felt alone and powerless.

And it wasn’t until a near fatal car accident and bad breakup that I started a new phase of my life. The incidents prompted me to evaluate my past and conditioned thoughts passed down from society and family. I realized that suppressing my negative emotions was affecting everything my health and relationships in a negative way. As a result, I committed myself to understanding my emotions and working with them instead of against them. Nicole Lana Lee

I started realizing how one’s emotional health impacts every area of one’s lives, from health to work to relationships. By shunning away negative emotions, many people have developed dis-eases as a result. I also realized that one’s emotional health affects one’s relationships, which are key to wellness.

As a result, I studied under master healers and did intensive emotional processing work. 

Most importantly, I’ve realized that one can only be truly present and accepting of oneself and hence others by integrating one’s trauma.

By processing and listening to my emotions, I became calmer, more present, at peace with my self, acted and ate intuitively, in a way that is health supportive. I’ve also achieved my ideal weight naturally, and more…all a by product of processing and working with my emotions.

I use my blog, my Medium and Instagram pages to share my experiences and what I’ve learned in my last few years of intensive studies with you, so that you can be your healthiest, best, and most authentic self. I am also available for coaching; for more information, please contact me here.