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Delicious Ironman Testosterone Juice That Boosts Libido

All the juice hype. I know. As much I love to juice, I know some vegetable juice just isn’t that palatable. But what if the juice…

–   Boosts your sex drive (READ BELOW!)

–   Increases your energy level

–  Takes less than 3 minutes to make!

–   Tastes awesome while blasting you with multivitamins


Introducing…Spinach and Apple Juice

Why spinach?


Magnesium: Spinach contains phytosterols, plant fats, which may impact testosterone metabolism in males through their interactions with the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. According to, one cup of spinach contains 156.60 mg of magnesium, 39.1% of your daily value.  Magnesium supplementation can increase testosterone level in sedentary individuals, based on research findings from the March 2010 issue of the journal “Biological Trace Element Research.”


pe-man (1)


Vitamin A: 1 cup of spinach also contains 18865.8 IU of vitamin A, which is 377% of DV, according to Based on findings from Weston A. Price Foundation, “vitamin A is necessary for the utilization of protein and the production of testosterone and other growth factors.”

Iron: 1 cup of spinach offers 36% of DV. Iron helps oxygenation of tissues which increases energy level. And you’ll need high energy level to … have sex, especially if you’re working out a lot.

Why Apple?


Apple is easy to cut, juice, store, affordable, buy and available all year-round. Its high vitamin C content (8.37 mg in 1 small apple/14% of DV according to whfoods) can also enhance absorption of the non-heme iron that  spinach offers.


1-2 Organic Apple (Green or Red, I personally like Fiji Apples)

1-2 Cups of Spinach

– If you want the juice to be sweeter, put more apples/less spinach.

Preparation (Takes less than 3 minutes to make!):

Wash spinach and apple in fresh water. Soak for 30 seconds or so. Chop the ingredients to fit juicer. Juice! Voila! Your final product!


photo (13)




Any delicious juice recipes to share?

How was your experience with this recipe? 😉

Please leave a comment or question below!

Thank you for reading and contributing here.

Have fun with your.. sexy juice 😉

P.S. Feel free to add in ginger, mint, carrot, or even lemon grass to spice this juice up. I wouldn’t recommend adding more greens if you  don’t like the “bitter” taste of some vegetables. Remember to drink the juice within 5-10 minutes to absorb all its nutrients. If you want to store your juice, I’d recommend using an air-tight container.