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I am a:

Wellness Curator & Expert


Content Marketer 

Communications Coach


Hi, I’m Nicole Lana Lee. Amongst many other passions of mine, I love wellness, coaching, and writing.   


Along with curating and offering wellness advice here, I’m also a copywriter and marketer – for founders of wellness / food-related start-ups and brands – who need a stellar, fun, and engaging voice, and generate enamoured customers.

Through my writing flair, passion, and deep understanding of health, wellness and food, I will help your brand create content, branding and image that is in alignment with you and your company’s mission. Given my deep understanding of human psychology and wellness, I can help you craft persuasive, emotional copy that sells.

If you’re a founder who doesn’t quite know how to communicate your company’s value proposition, or is wondering if your business is suffering because of your lacklustre marketing/content, you’ve come to the right place. Read more here.


I also guide executives and founders to manage their emotions and communicate effectively in personal and professional relationships. I believe success in and out of the workplace includes managing emotions, health, and relationships (professional and personal) effectively.

As your go-to wellness curator and communications coach, I can guide you to better understand and manage your emotions, and communicate more powerfully and effectively.

By helping you understand your emotions, I can also guide you to communicate more powerfully and effectively, helping you meet your needs and desires professionally and personally.

And, to support your internal self discovery process, I can tailor a wellness action plan that is pleasurable and sustainable, incorporating wellness advice from top health experts around the world, to help you lead a more balanced and rich life. Read more here.