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Happy Penguins! How YOU Can Make a Difference …

Fluffy, wobbly, agile. Who doesn’t love these marine birds?


Unfortunately, out of 18 species of penguins, 11 are listed as Vulnerable and Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature! Not only are penguins are threatened by climate change, they’re also threatened by marine pollution and industrial fishing. Petroleum spills have also killed thousands of penguins around the world, especially since these little creatures are flightless, can’t avoid the petroleum, and can ingest the toxic materials easily through their skin.


Blackened Birds, Photograph by Andrew Evans, National Geographic

Simple, Easy, and Fun Steps You Can Do To Help Your Furry Friends …

Take Action Now!

1. Watch this video and spread the word! By spreading the word and sharing this post and video, you are making a difference by raising awareness!

2. Use and consume less plastic, pollute less.

3. Eat sustainable seafood. Check out WWF for its sustainable seafood guide.

4. Donate to organizations like Earth Watch, The Penguin Foundation, Global Penguin Society!

5. Research and learn more about the topic!

You can make a difference and help these little fellas!




What have you been doing to help the penguins? Have you had any amazing encounter with penguins that you would like to share with us?

Please leave a comment below and add as much specific detail as you can.

Thank you for reading and contributing here.

Happy Penguin! 😀