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Wellness copywriter startups

I’m a wellness copywriter, article/content creator, content strategy, editor for food, health and beauty startups and brands: wellness, lifestyle, alternative health, digital health, spas, skincare, cosmetics.

As a copywriter, I’ve helped companies in the B2B and B2C space, in health & wellness industries create compelling content and devise their content marketing strategy. While I primarily work with wellness and food startups in Silicon Valley and Asia, I have also written about technical topics in account based marketing and finance.

Most recently, I’ve helped a16z funded Allset, create content and content strategy, and helped them gain publicity with the Huffington Post.  I’ve also helped Home Eat To Live, a restaurant dining concept in Hong Kong, craft creative copy on their restaurant to effectively tell their story.

With six years of experience in the marketing and communications, I also have copywriting training and certifications in communications with Copyblogger, and Damn Fine Words by James Chartrand.

I can help you create a brand voice, editorial calendar, as well as consistent and engaging content.  The process is straightforward and easy – I’ll have a chat with you to understand what your immediate needs are and your business goals. I then work with you to craft compelling copy to address your unique value proposition.

copywriting services health and wellness startups


copywriting services health and wellness startups

Focus includes:

  • Article Writing & Content Creation: I will help you create articles to meet your business objectives, impress customers, and get press
  • Editorial Calendar Management: I will help you create & manage your editorial calendar
  • Email Marketing: I will help you you craft weekly/monthly e-newsletter and autoresponder series to build an email list, increase email subscribers, convert leads, and retain customers
  • Community Development: I will help you manage comments on blog to engage readers and create community
  • Brand Voice Development:  I will help you brainstorm what your brand is about and craft key messages in alignment with your brand’s mission and ethos
  • Edit and Review of Articles 
  • Expert Connection: I can help you seek out with influential bloggers to enhance your content and broaden your reach if necessary
  • Recruitment and Management of Freelancer Writers if necessary




I can help you select a topic and create articles to help you meet your business objectives, impress customers, and get press. Also, I’ll make sure you have magnetic headlines.


  • Writing
  • Research from medical journals and associations
  • Interviews with experts in wellness/food/health
  • Interviews with customers
  • Pitch to press


I can help you manage your editorial calendar to make sure you have a long-term strategy to attract, convert, and retain customers.


  • Drafting of calendar
  • Organisation of calendar
  • Drafting of editorial style guide to communicate your brand’s voice


I can help you build your brand’s voice, and build your audience and customers. I will dive deep and help you better understand the whys of what you’re doing, and craft a compelling story for you.


  • Storytelling for greater impact
  • Mission Statement
  • Web copy (most importantly, your company’s Story – the “WHY” and About Page)
  • Product descriptions
  • Sales page
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing materials


I can help you craft compelling emails to generate sales, helping you make more money.


  • Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly e-newsletter content creation
  • Welcome series autoresponder creation for customer retention
  • Implementation of newsletter opt-in best practices to increase email subscribers


I can help you brainstorm what your brand is about and craft key messages in alignment with your brand’s mission.  These days, building a brand is also about educating your customers about your product and services; and I can help you craft key posts to educate your customers. This way, your customers can better understand what you offer, and your relationship with them can be enhanced.


  • Crafting of clear message that moves and inspires
  • Brand story
  • Brand voice development
  • Key messaging points
  • Key educational posts


The key to building a community is to make sure you have a social media presence (we can refer you to top experts in this field), as well as engaging with your community through Q&A and your content. Readers may leave comments on your blog, and I can help you ensure such comments/questions about your products are answered speedily and effectively.


  • Community building through content and comments


“Nicole is a writer for our corporate blog and helps promote it online. Nicole always comes up with great ideas and creative, quality writing. She is a positive addition to any team; I would highly recommend Nicole as a content writer and marketer.” – Dimitri Nukulin, Chief Content Officer at a16z funded Allset

“I worked with Nicole on a project together. Nicole is talented and experienced when it comes to content marketing, and I can always count on her advice in delivering our client a great content marketing strategy plan. She was easy to work with and quick on the emails, and I can always count on her contributions.” – Bowen Li, Product Manager at 500-startup, First Round, Lightspeed, Founders Fund backed TaskRabbit

“Nicole Lana Lee is an intuitive as a writer who still has a real firm grip on science. She is a young new rising star who walks her talk, she is smart as a whip and attractive through and through ( mind body and spirit).” –Dr. James Costello, Founder of  Mount Mayon Volcanic Pili Nuts




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