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When we work with people, suppressing our emotions and not expressing what we want may hold us back from our success and our highest potential.

By suppressing our emotions and needs, we breed resentment and may engage in passive aggressive tactics in relationships and work. We will then limit our ability to communicate, solve problems, and resolve conflict effectively. This may hold you and your team’s successes back, be it in relationships and/or at work.

Studies have shown when we can communicate effectively, we work better, innovate faster, solve problems  faster, and achieve better results in our personal and professional lives.

Communications Coaching

Become a more compelling communicator and achieve mastery in communicating your needs and inspire through coaching. Learn how to:

  • Manage your emotions and understand what your emotions are telling you
  • Set boundaries
  • Express your needs with greater ease and confidence
  • Find out limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your professional and personal relationships
  • Resolve conflicts while preserving relationships in win-win scenario

And, to support your internal self discovery process, I can tailor a wellness action plan that is pleasurable and sustainable, incorporating wellness advice from top health experts around the world, to help you lead a more balanced and rich life. Read more here.

Corporate Wellness & Communication Workshops 

Our interactive workshops are designed to take you and your team’s emotional and communication skills to the next level. Learn to manage your emotions, and develop communication skills through in-class practice, and receive personalised feedback.  Current workshop offering include:


In professional and personal interpersonal relationships, communicating effectively, especially during stressful times and conflicts, can lead to better relationships, enhanced productivity and well-being. That being said, managing our emotions and expressing our needs, especially when they in conflict with another person’s needs, can be challenging.  Learn how to:

  • Manage negative emotions, and understand what your emotions are telling you
  • Set boundaries powerfully and kindly
  • Express your needs with greater ease and confidence
  • Resolve conflicts while preserving relationships
  • Find out limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your professional and personal relationships


Who doesn’t want a bit of sweetness in life? 😉 Yet, sugar is a big no-no in the health and wellness world these days.

But what if you can have your cake and eat it too?

Instead of reaching for that refined sugar laden cookie during your midday break or meeting, you can opt for healthier dessert alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth.

And what’s a better way to build relationships and enhance team building than creating healthy, whole foods, plant based, raw desserts?

I’ll also educate you and your team on healthy sugar alternatives so your team can optimise health and productivity.

All ingredients and techniques are provided, making it easy for you to replicate the recipe at work 😉 or at home. And of course, your desserts will be delicious treats for your whole team to share at the end of the workshop!

This workshop can be an add-on to the Emotions & Communications Workshop – it is complimentary to each other.  Communication Coaching & Wellness Workshops San Francisco Silicon Valley


I can also tailor workshops for you and your team. Reach out and connect with me by clicking on the link below “Book Me.”


I am also available to speak about wellness and health. If you want to invite me to speak at your business, or organization, or you want to use one of the articles on this site in your own publication, please use the press contact form.