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Interview with Dr. Christopher Gardner (Stanford): Why You Can’t Drop Body Fat For Good – Part 1

You may be following workout routines and exercising 7X a week 2 hours a day, counting calories religiously in an attempt to blast your belly fat. While your six-pack maybe coming out to play ;) , what if you could burn fat 2x as fast with half the efforts? To investigate into this issue, we must first determine what really affects your weight loss efforts and help you reduce body fat for ...

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Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat on Weight Loss: What Does the Research Show? (Interview with Dr. Christopher Gardner, Part 1)

Six-pack abs. Rounder butt. Stronger arms. More sexual desirability. Better (and more) sex! Why else would you suffer through a gruelling diet, sets and sets of deadlifts, 2-hour workouts, DOMs and burning sit-ups (ouch!) Ok, I’m just being blunt here. Even if you don’t like to admit it, I think most of you wouldn’t mind having a fitter and nicer looking body, whatever that ...

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