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80/10/10: Cut Down Fat and Recover Twice as Fast from Workouts? (Part 2)

As the Woodstock Fruit Festival is going on in New York, you may wonder... aren't people who only eat raw fruit and greens extremists? How can you survive, let alone thrive and be a top athlete, just on raw fruit and vegetables alone (a.k.a. are you nutters?) If you are still reading, chances are you may wonder: Isn't fruit sugar bad for you?  Isn't fruit going to worsen ...

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Vanilla Almond Hot Cacao: Try this post-workout in the cold

  by Nicole Lana Lee Cacao is food for the soul. In the winter, a great cup of homemade hot cacao (chocolate) is probably very comforting and heartwarming, especially when you’ve exercised the whole day, be it skiing and snowboarding in the snow, or kiteboarding and surfing in the freezing cold water. Other than our Tropical Luv'in Coconut Mint Mocha, you'd love the below if you love ...

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