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Salads and Meals

Cancer Fighting Stir-fry that Doubles the Iron in Meat

Packed with Protein, Minerals  and Antioxidants Doubles the Iron in Meat while Cholesterol-free Helps fight cholesterol & cancer Supports eye and skin health Takes less than 20 minutes to make!   Introducing…  Bell Pepper Black Garlic Oyster Mushroom Stir-fry  (1) c. 1 Bowl of Quinoa (2)  100 - 200 grams of Oyster Mushrooms (3) 1/2 Red Pepper (4) 1/2 Yellow ...

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Exotic Sesame Antioxidant Salad

  Packed with Protein and Antioxidants Contains one of Most Powerful, Detoxtify-ing & Protective Vegetables Helps regulate blood sugar Helps prevent muscle cramps Supports eye, skin and bone health Takes less than 10 minutes to make! Simple, Easy, Fast, Nutty & Flavorful!     Introducing…  Exotic Juicy Nutty Sesame Antioxidant Salad (1) c. 1 Bowl ...

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Exotic Skin Rejuvenating Fruit Salad

  Raw, Vegan, Packed with Multi-vitamins and minerals Skin balancing, helps with skin dryness, acne, and sunburn/excessive sun exposure Great source of dietary fibre & antioxidants  No Refined Sugar Takes less than 15 minutes to make Light, refreshing & helps retain moisture!     Introducing…   Exotic Skin Rejuvenating Fruit ...

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Succulent Antioxidant Power Green Salad

  Vegan, Sweet, Packed with Protein and Anti-oxidants Takes less than 15 minutes to make! Simple, Easy, Fast Light, Refreshing, Colorful   Introducing…  Succulent Tropical Fusion Antioxidant Power Green Salad (1) c. 1 Bowl of Quinoa (2)  5-10 Cherry Tomatoes ( I love the ones from Japan! They are deliciously sweet and tastes like tomatoes!) (3) c. 1 stalk of ...

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Protein Powerhouse: Tomato, Hummus, Sprouts & Quinoa Salad

  Want a bright color salad packed with proteins? Light, easy, prevents muscle cramps & fuels your workout! Over 70% Raw, Gluten-free, Vegan, Packed with Vitamin C and Protein! No Refined Sugar Takes less than 10 minutes to make!   Introducing…  Protein Packed and Anti-aging Tomato and Quinoa Salad (1) c. 1 Bowl of Quinoa (2) c. 1-2 tomatoes, or 5-10 cherry ...

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Fusion Beauty Salad

Anti-inflammatory, Gluten-free, Vegan, Packed with Antioxidants No Refined Sugar Takes less than 10 minutes to make! Packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, and Many More! Simple, Easy, Fast Light & Refreshing Fusion Beauty Salad: Lychee and Tomato Salad with Lemongrass Dressing  Ingredients: (1) 7+ Lychees (2) 4 Stalks of Lemongrass (3) 7+ Cherry Tomatos (4) 1 Teaspoon of ...

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