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Interview with Mimi Kirk: How to Eat Healthy International Raw Vegan Gourmet – Anywhere, Anytime

Last time around, we discussed how Mimi Kirk, winner of PETA Prime’s first “Sexiest Vegetarian over 50” contest, stepped up the game from vegetarianism to raw veganism at 69, why you can still be unhealthy as a vegan or vegetarian, tips to start incorporating raw foods into your lives, and more. We’ll pick up today from where we left off and cover why Mimi thinks dairy isn’t the health food the ...

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Interview with Mimi Kirk: How to Stay Energetic and Fit beyond 70 – Without Botox and Pills

One thing most of us are secretly afraid of: Aging. Not only are you dreading the wrinkles, you’re worried about decrease in energy levels, new aches and pains, and yes, getting fatter… And then there are dis-eases like arthritis, heart diseases, diabetes, just to name a few... Don’t fret. It is still possible to stay healthy, lean, energetic (more so than a 20-year-old) and attractive, ...

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