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Founders of Digital Health / Life Science / Medical Device Companies

Reverse and Hack Cancer without Killing Healthy Cells? Interview with Ira Pastor, CEO of Bioquark

  I've always had a curiosity for new technologies of curing diseases. While our diet, emotions, lifestyle all play a role in our health, I also believe that cutting edge technologies can help us live a healthier life. When it comes to diseases like cancer, many feel powerless to the disease, and may spend time, energy, money on treatment like chemotherapy, radiation, which also has ...

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Ground-up crickets: The Highest Quality Protein Out There?

While you may cringe at the thought of chewing crunchy crickets, insect protein may just one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly, and healthy protein sources out there. Amongst the many benefits, insect protein may have: More arginine that soybeans More zinc than pumpkin seeds More protein than snail meat Low saturated fat content Maybe… you’ll give cricket protein ...

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