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Can you still be spiritual if you eat meat, dairy and eggs? A Conversation with World Renowned Psychic, Ainslie MacLeod

Does veganism sound boring and rigid to you?

But it can definitely push you to miss your cheese – or at the very least, think about your ice cream as you nibble on your kale chips (Yes, this happened to me once).


If that’s you, veganism is probably not for you, yet.

But, you might still be spiritual and want to save the world.

So, how does our food intake affect spirituality? What is a spiritual diet?

I’ve invited Ainslie Macleod, an internationally-acclaimed psychic, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author, to speak on this topic. Ainslie has written two books, The Instruction and The Transformation, and has been a featured guest on Oprah’s Soul Series as well as The Dr. Oz Show.


We’ll talk about:

  • How we carry sensitivity to food from past lives
  • The best and worst foods for spiritual health
  • What the spirit thinks the “healthiest diet” consists of
  • Why you don’t need to be vegan to be spiritual
  • What the biggest crisis facing humanity is

This is a rather unconventional conversation, because it’s an interview with Ainslie on what the “spirit world” thinks about our choices of food.

You may or may not agree with the below dialogue. I am not telling you what to eat or not eat in this article, nor am I saying that you should treat the content of this article as “facts.”

I am merely conveying Ainslie’s message to you and presenting another angle to health, diet and spirituality that you may not have explored.  You can take what fits, and leave the rest.

Of course you might want to take this article very lightly if you think that the “spirit world” is too “woo-woo” for you.

Warning: If you are not open to the concept past lives, please do not continue reading this article.

Let’s jump right into it:

Q: We already know about your background, from everything written about you in the press and online. Why don’t you talk a bit about the role of nutrition in what you do?

The role of nutrition is paramount to what I do. You are what you eat.

Your soul can’t separate body, mind and spirit. If you have bad nutrition, this will affect you, physically but also spiritually and emotionally.

One thing I’ve found doing this work is this – We have different body types and we carry sensitivity to food from our past lives.

I often talk to clients who have food allergies that are related to their previous lifetimes.

For instance, I had a client who was allergic to wheat. We talked about her traumatic experience in one of her past lives connected to a grain mill that led to her wheat allergy. People will carry those associations to the current life.

I’ll also give you a very common scenario I come across. If a person dies in a past life and alcohol contributed to the death, the person will likely be very sensitive to alcohol now. They’ll be the kind of person who is very sensitive to one drink. They may feel very sick or throw up very easily with alcohol.

What’s happening here is that the soul is trying to ensure that the physical body does not go through the same traumatic experience again, even if the original event happened lifetimes ago, in a different body.


Why Your Past Life Maybe One of the Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Q:  That is interesting. Let’s dig deeper. Do we carry distinct eating habits and eating disorders to our current lives then? How will the fears show up and affect our health?


The past-life fears around the food are usually very significant to our current lives and behavior.

For example, I have a client who starved to death in a past life. Every single place in her home has food in it. Her fridge was overflowing. Her soul was terrified of going without food.

I spoke with another client who died from food poisoning in one of her past lives. She wouldn’t store any food whatsoever. Everything had to be bought and used immediately.

Another accidentally ate a toadstool, a poisonous mushroom, and died. She’s allergic to mushrooms in this life because the soul overreacts to what it sees as a potential threat.

For eating disorders, there’s a tendency, if you were starved in a previous lifetime, to hold onto weight. It will fight any attempt to lose weight.

A client I spoke with last week – her soul keeps her 10 pounds overweight all the time, no matter what she does. That’s the soul overreacting.

One of my clients can’t go to sleep without everyone being fed because she lost her children to famine in a past life.

And my guides would like to add that one of the reasons people overeat is that they are seeking nutrients.

It may seem crazy, but many people are overweight and undernourished.

The soul seeks to regulate the body, and may keep you eating in the hope that you’ll find the nutrients it craves.

Q:  For someone who has not done past life work, how does he/she recognize that his/her fears and behavior around food is related to past lives?

The following can all be related to past life issues around food:

  • Hyper reaction to or sensitivity around food
  • Allergies to food
  • Deep fear of being without food
  • Cravings

Q:  What can we do to resolve those fears and food addictions, and establish a healthy relationship with food?

You know what I’m going to say – do past-life work, because you really need to go into past and figure out what happened to you. After that, you can stop overreacting and get things to balance. I have clients who’ve lost lots of weight after discovering what happened to them in a prior incarnation.


Best and Worst Foods for Spiritual Health?

Q: If nutrition affects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually, what are the best and worst foods for our spiritual health?

The best foods are whole grains (yes, grains!) and unprocessed, simple foods like raw vegetables and fruit.

The worst are processed foods – there is no question about that. 

Q: Why are guides against processed foods?

The spirit world is opposed to processed foods for many reasons.

One of the obvious reasons is health risks from ingredients such as processed sugar, table salt & additives.

Processed food generally lacks nutrients, too.  There was a time when all foods were cooked at home. My guides support home-cooked foods for many reasons, one of which is societal.

They said that we would all be happier people if we spent more time cooking in the kitchen versus eating fast food. It would also help our relationships.

They support us getting back to a time when we used mealtimes to connect with family and friends.

Are You Spiritual If You Eat Meat?

Q: You said that raw, unprocessed, simple greens and fruit are the best foods for spiritual health, should one go vegan if one is on a spiritual path? Is one unspiritual if one eats meat?

Veganism works for some, but not others; vegetarianism works for some, but not others.

The guides say that they see no connection between spirituality and veganism. It is not necessary to be a vegan to live spiritually. But this depends, of course, on what your understanding of spirituality is.

Just because the next person eats a little meat or egg does not necessarily mean he or she is not as spiritual as the next person who is vegan. With the above being said, the spirit would support a mostly plant-based diet.

If you eat meat, think of it as a condiment, rather than the main event.

The spirit world comes out firmly against eating beef. They feel the risks far outweigh the benefits. They see a strong connection between beef and cancers, diabetes, as well as immune issues.

If you must eat beef, make sure it’s organic and grass fed. And do it infrequently and in moderation.

Why You May Want to Go Organic & Grass-Fed, and Think Twice about Beef

Q: Does this mean that we should only eat organic, grass-fed meat if we were to eat meat at all? 

Yes. The guides are saying there are two things we need to be aware of (1) the welfare of the animal (2) the health of the human.

The guides feel very strongly about only eating animals that are free-ranged and treated well emotionally.

Although animals are placed on the food chain, the way they are treated is very significant. The fear and stress absolutely affect the meat that you eat, especially since unnaturally high amount hormones are released when the animals are killed by modern slaughter techniques.

The spirit world seems to feel that our over-consumption of beef is not sustainable, given the need for huge amounts of water, land, and other resources, as well as the significant amount of methane released by cattle.

The guides have less of a problem with well-treated chicken meat, pork, and eggs.

There is another angle to that – it takes up a lot of resources to raise a cow, lots of water and feeding and so on. From the food it takes to feed the cow to the associated transportation costs, beef is a waste of resources. 


Future of Food and Resources

Q: Now that you brought up the environmental angle, what does the spirit world think regarding our water crisis, pollution, corporations’ lack of awareness and regard for the environment?

The spirit world thinks very strongly about water. I asked my spirit guides what they think the biggest crisis facing humanity is, and they say it is water, water, and water.

Water is a very big issue. The guides feel very strong about the abuse of corporations; the world does not have to be the way it is now.

The lack of awareness of the environment and that we are all connected is a younger soul perspective… And the lack of the awareness that we will be back, and that we will have to live with the consequences of our actions.

The spirit world has also talked about how they’d like to see organic farming everywhere.

In terms of the world hunger problem, the guides don’t feel that the issue is the lack of food, but the inefficient distribution of food.  

They are saying that so much food grown that could feed humans actually goes to feed cattle. This is one of the reasons why a lot of food grown doesn’t reach those in need. 

 Q: In the *worst* case scenario, what will our world be like if we continue the way we consume, live and eat right now? Will nations go to war because of resources?

Yes, water will be a big issue if we continue our current way of living and corporations continue to abuse their power. This could cause massive disruption on a scale we can’t imagine. There may also be potential for war because of water’s scarcity.

Although the ocean is resilient, there are huge risks from overfishing and environmental degradation.

What You Can Do to Help the Environment

Q: What can we do individually to help the environment?  

Buy local and organic foods. Grow your own. Refrain from eating red meat. 

We should also recognize that food is a rare commodity. We need to appreciate food more and all of its variety.

You know they talk about how there are all these grains out there and we are only relying on a few of them? It’s basically getting more variety into the diet.

Q: What else do guides want to address?

Animals have souls. Even though human beings may eat animals, we still do not have the right to mistreat animals.

Q: Thanks for your time!

My pleasure.

Update: Ainslie has spoken with the guides again, and below is what he has to add on gluten and wheat.

“The spirit world seems to have some strong feelings about wheat, or more specifically, gluten. They feel that celiac disease, though relatively uncommon, is the tip of an iceberg of gluten intolerance. Many people are affected by eating gluten, yet since gluten-intolerance is not generally considered a diagnosis, their health problems are blamed on other causes.

Inflammatory issues affect many who are gluten intolerant. It can affect the mind and body causing a range of ailments including thyroid disease, skin problems, cancers, digestive issues, and depression. A suggestion form the spirit world is that it would benefit every one of us to give up wheat and other sources of gluten for two months to see how it has been affecting you. On a personal note, my health was transformed when I gave up gluten. I would never go back.”