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Got Bad Breath from Garlic? Try this Antioxidant-Rich alternative.


  • Great Alternative to White Garlic
  • Packed with Antioxidants
  • Great source of Dietary Fibre
  • Tastes like slightly Sweet and Syrupy with hints of Sweet Soy Sauce
  • No Aftertaste
  • No Refined Sugar

Introducing… Sweet Sweet Black Garlic

My friend Chet kindly gave me some black garlic to try. I was hesitant to try the garlic out initially because it looked black – I thought that the black garlic would stain my teeth and give me bad breath. Surprisingly, as the garlic melted in my mouth, I realized that I was wrong: Black garlic is mildly sweet, tastes a bit like sweet soy sauce, is soft and chewy!

What is Black Garlic?

Black garlic is a type of fermented garlic, originating from fresh garlic. Fermentation of black garlic takes place through two stages (1) Organic garlic bulbs are placed in a greenhouse-like room and kept at high temperature for about a month.  The heat and humidity of the room allows the garlic bulbs to ferment. The garlic bulbs will acquire a light brownish color at the end of the month. (2) The garlic will then be transferred to and left to oxidize in another room where it acquires its black appearance.

How does Fermentation Affect the Garlic?

Through fermentation, the pungent odor of fresh garlic is reduced, and garlic’s enzymes are also broken down and proteins and sugar naturally found in the garlic will combine to create the black appearance, sweet & balsamic taste and smooth soft texture. According to a research from the US National Library of Medicine, the report suggested that black garlic’s fermentation process results in the increased level of polyphenols and may possess desirable anti-oxidative properties.

Why Black Garlic is Good For You

Protein: According to the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, 100 g of black garlic contains almost twice the amount of protein contained in the same amount of raw garlic.

Amino Acid: Black garlic also contains more amino acid content than raw garlic. For instance, 100 g of black garlic contains twice the amount of glutamine (muscle building protein you find in supplements) than that in raw garlic.

Potassium: Black garlic is also a great source of potassium (whooping 930 mg per 100g), which plays an essential role in muscle function, and helps regulate the balance of fluid in the body to prevent muscle cramps. Cramps are generally caused by potassium deficiency.

High Antioxidant Levels: According to another research by NCBI “aged black garlic exerts stronger antioxidant activity than garlic. TEAC values of garlic and aged black garlic were 13.3 ± 0.5 and 59.2 ± 0.8 µmol/g wet weight, respectively.”  Black garlic has more than twice the antioxidant properties of conventional garlic.

Easy to Digest: Black Garlic is also much easier for the body to digest compared with white garlic. While white garlic contains Allicine, which is only soluble in fat, Black Garlic contains S-Allycysteine, which is water soluble. This means your body will absorb all the natural occurring benefits quicker and more easily.


Black garlic is high in sodium due to its fermented nature. Too much sodium in your system causes your body to retain (hold onto) water, putting extra burden on your heart and blood vessels.   With the above being said, I presume many of you wouldn’t be eating over 100 g of black garlic (that’s a lot!) so I wouldn’t worry about it. I’d probably use around 1-2 clove(s) (not bulbs) of garlic for cooking, in salads, or perhaps to eat raw.

Adding Black Garlic to your Diet

You can eat black garlic raw,  or you can cook it the way you cook white garlic. You can even dice and toss raw black garlic into your salads to give it a little zing! I’ve been using black garlic in my recipes below, and I love the taste of it. Its slightly salty and sweet, and it gives dishes a great exotic flavor!

Try these recipes:

Raw Salad – Exotic Juicy Nutty Sesame Antioxidant Salad



How was your experience with black garlic? Did you like the scent? *yum*

Please leave a comment or question below!

Thank you for reading and contributing here.

P.S. With the above being said, I love white garlic too! I’m sure you have a better response kissing your luv’er after eating black garlic vs. white garlic. 😉






*Photo from wallpaperax