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12 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Beauty

green beauty

Other than following your morning routine to ensure that your digestive system is well-functioning, what you use on your body may also be very important to your long-term health and beauty.

This is why the green beauty concept is going strong.

However, do you really believe in the concept of 100% organic and natural beauty products, as many beauty brands claim?

In other words, is it possible to buy products that are effective, “ethical,” 100% organic (what does this mean anyway?), cruelty-free, and “natural” ?

Yes but it’s not easy, and it may take some homework on your end.

If you’re dedicated to green beauty, you may want to familiarise yourself with the ingredients on product labels, especially since some of the beauty brands you think are “green” maybe blatantly misleading consumers through greenwashing practices.

So here’s a useful infographic I want to share with you, courtesy of Natural Healthy Concepts. This infographic highlights the 12 ingredients you may want to avoid in everyday cosmetics and skin care products.

Of course, I must admit I probably come into contact with such toxic ingredients occasionally since I haven’t “vetted” all my products (unlike how I vet my energy bars and nuts), but I’m becoming more aware of beauty and skin care products I’m using.

And as I dive deeper into the product of green beauty, I’ll come up with a list of products I personally use and like (so stay tuned here for more).

In the meantime, a few green brands I’ve been experimenting with are NU Evolution, ISUN, and Earth Science. I think that such products’ quality is solid, and are less costly than most luxury skin care / beauty products.


The 12 Toxic Ingredients You May Want to Avoid 

Courtesy of: Natural Healthy Concepts