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If Soaked Nuts and Whey Fight to Death, Who Comes Out Alive?

While this article has been published before, I've decided to republish this interview series with Dr. James Costello to refresh your memory. ------------------- Last  time around, we established the importance of digestion to nutrition, why soaked, raw nuts or seeds can enhance our digestive system, and why you aren’t what you eat. Nuts, especially soaked, raw nuts, are a great ...

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Sprouted, Raw Nuts: Best Healthy Foods to Boost Digestion & Energy?

  While this article has been published before, I've decided to republish this interview series with Dr. James Costello to refresh your memory. This is probably one of my favourite articles on the website, especially since this interview inspired me to follow a plant-based diet. ------------------- “Why am I not going to the bathroom when I’m eating tons of nuts?” “I’m always ...

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4 Bloat Causes and Relief Tips

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, you’re probably going to attend many functions and consume tempting treats. Poor digestion and bloating are amongst many other “costs” you may be paying for having that next bite of obviously excessive, yet irresistible, sugar-laden pumpkin pie. Overeating over the holidays can create indigestion, because your body may not have sufficient ...

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12 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Beauty

Other than following your morning routine to ensure that your digestive system is well-functioning, what you use on your body may also be very important to your long-term health and beauty. This is why the green beauty concept is going strong. However, do you really believe in the concept of 100% organic and natural beauty products, as many beauty brands claim? In other words, is it ...

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6 Training Mistakes That Is Sabotaging Your Gains

If you’ve been training for a while, you may have nagging aches and pains... which suddenly turned into injuries such as a strained shoulder or injured back. While you may think the injuries "came out of nowhere," perhaps your cumulative poor posture at the gym is to blame. It’s not entirely your fault: even seasoned athletes and bodybuilders can make the same postural and training mistakes ...

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Drink Hot Water to Detox, Energise and Lose Weight?

If there’s one simple practice that’s going to boost your energy, improve your circulation and performance, enhance weight loss and make you look better, what would that be? Drink hot water. Morning. In between meals. After meals. When I’m outside of Asia, a lot of people ask me why I order just plain hot water. Waiters would be perplexed and say “You just want hot water…?” And ...

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3 Best Yoga Poses for a Lean, Healthier & Limber Body

Can you do yoga? With many subjects, the answer is probably “yes” or “almost.” But what if you only have a few minutes to spare each day? You can find workout moves on how to blast fat in five-minutes, but what about actual yoga poses you could do in five-minutes? So I’m going to share with you 3 yoga poses for a healthier body that makes you more malleable ;) Today, I've invited ...

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The SuperCharger Green Smoothie Recipe

Here goes, you’re going to love this SuperCharger Green Smoothie. This smoothie can be rustled up in a matter of moments – only a few minutes of preparation time. This is a simpler and sweeter version of most green smoothies out there, and I promise… it will *activate* your digestive system in the morning. Blending the greens help your body absorb the maximum nutrition from the ...

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