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Eat, Surf, Pl(r)ay in Bali

Surf (if lucky, add kitesurfing). Meditate. Yoga. Massage. Body Scrub. Dance. Raw food! My dream. Perhaps yours too. This was my second time in Bali, and I am happy to return to this magical place, full of rituals, history, and beautiful scenery. Despite the chaos on the streets, locals seem to be relaxed, at peace, and welcoming. They seem to rejoice at the simple pleasures in ...

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Top 10 Healthy Travel Tips & Essentials to Stay Fit on the Go

As summer approaches, many of you may be traveling, be it for work or vacation. While you may have cultivated your top health habits, it can still be challenging to stay healthy while traveling. And did I mention that you might also get constipated? While the last thing you want is to see that hard-earned six-pack turn into a one-pack, you may still be constipated, dehydrated, stressed out, ...

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