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If Soaked Nuts and Whey Fight to Death, Who Comes Out Alive?

While this article has been published before, I've decided to republish this interview series with Dr. James Costello to refresh your memory. ------------------- Last  time around, we established the importance of digestion to nutrition, why soaked, raw nuts or seeds can enhance our digestive system, and why you aren’t what you eat. Nuts, especially soaked, raw nuts, are a great ...

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Plant-based Protein Hot Chocolate

This is not the first of my hot chocolates, but I feel it will be my last. You can easily blend the raw cacao powder into hemp seed milk, and I love the particular richness and thickness you get from the cacao and hemp seeds. Plus, I add teeccino, so there is an extra chocolate taste. The protein powder is not essential but for those of you who need extra protein, depth, and crave a grainy ...

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MMA Workout: How to Be Fit Like a Fighter

Have you ever been to a MMA fight and said, “MMA fighters look shredded… but how can I possibly train like them and gain that level of stamina, endurance, flexibility and strength?” I have. Luckily, I don’t have to wonder too much because I have invited Nate Moore, an American mixed martial artist to update me on how he trains. And yes you can read his Wikipedia entry here. In ...

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Is High Fat, High Protein the Best Way to Boost Productivity ?

Is the call for a low-carb diet that embraces fat the best way to health and instant productivity? And, can we ever have too much protein? Especially when it comes having meat and eggs 3x a day, 7-days a week and cutting down carbs? This time around, we're back with Dr. Pam Popper to revisit this topic in more detail.  We've covered this in the previous article. Today, we're going to ...

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Dangers of 3 Surprising Health Superfoods – Dr. Michael Greger

If you're wondering whether superfoods are worth it or not, you may want to read on. Many of us may be buying into the idea that we need certain superfoods to be at our optimal health. However, our interviewee today presents a controversial perspective on certain foods, one that many in the health and wellness industry may not necessarily agree with. For instance, he continues to encourage ...

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Do We Need Supplements on Whole Foods, Plant Based Diet?

So, should you take vitamin supplements? Or is eating a whole foods diet sufficient? The debate rages among doctors, nutritionists, health experts, and anonymous people online. And we've already discussed Dr. Greger's viewpoint here. However, to get another perspective, I've invited Jack Norris, a Registered Dietitian, Co-founder of Vegan Outreach, and Co-Author of “Vegan For Life: ...

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Tangerines: The Most Overlooked Fruit Over Chinese New Year?

Yes the “New Year” is over. Bad News: The New Year isn’t starting off quite as well as you had hoped - getting sick, bad work days... And those big dreams of getting a six-pack, starting this year with renewed energy and health are starting to fade :( Good News: There's CHINESE NEW YEAR! Even if you aren’t Chinese, you’re most likely living in a city where there are plenty of Chinese ...

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Healthy Thanksgiving & Christmas Express Recipes

As the holidays are approaching, many of you are planning parties, going to events, and obviously… feasting! Before Christmas… you’re juggling multiple tasks, trying to figure out which party to attend (and politely decline), and yes secretly wondering how you can burn all those calories you’ll be adding up during the holidays. And after Christmas? The nightmare begins. “You better not ...

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