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4-Ingredient Salted Caramel Easter Truffles

If you're going to get started, these are the easiest easter truffles you should begin with. It's simple and so deliciously good. Conventional caramel truffles usually require pure white sugar and a sugar-thermometer, none of which I prefer, but vegan, healthy, refined-sugar free truffles can be rustled up in a matter of moments. Vegan salted caramel easter truffles - without compromising on ...

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Drink Hot Water to Detox, Energise and Lose Weight?

If there’s one simple practice that’s going to boost your energy, improve your circulation and performance, enhance weight loss and make you look better, what would that be? Drink hot water. Morning. In between meals. After meals. When I’m outside of Asia, a lot of people ask me why I order just plain hot water. Waiters would be perplexed and say “You just want hot water…?” And ...

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Sore Muscles – Cacao, Kale, Acai Berry Smoothie

This bowl is fabulously easy, fabulously quick and everything can be bought at a health food store in your lunch hour. I love this recipe because it is packed with the most nutritious superfoods you can think of: Acai berry and kale. The slighty tangy taste of the acai berry is met with the sweetness of the coconut water and the rich creaminess of the frozen bananas. And this smoky and ...

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Tangerines: The Most Overlooked Fruit Over Chinese New Year?

Yes the “New Year” is over. Bad News: The New Year isn’t starting off quite as well as you had hoped - getting sick, bad work days... And those big dreams of getting a six-pack, starting this year with renewed energy and health are starting to fade :( Good News: There's CHINESE NEW YEAR! Even if you aren’t Chinese, you’re most likely living in a city where there are plenty of Chinese ...

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Fix Your Morning Routine for a 24-Hour Energy Boost

Yes…. most New Year’s “resolutions” end in failure, at least from what I’ve seen so far. They are either too general (“I want to be fitter!”) or they require too much hard work that takes sheer willpower and effort versus pleasure (i.e. six-pack ab in one-month while working 70-hour weeks and eating below 1,000 calories a day… ) *gasp* Since many of you are trying to start your year off ...

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8 Remarkably Simple Tips to Stay Healthy and Have Fun Over the Holidays

This happens to the best of us. I'm talking about ... the dreaded holiday weight gain. When you’re traveling and dining with your friends and family, do you have to deal with crappy airplane food, as well as crazy people who shove plates and plates of processed junk on your plate? The answer seems to be “probably.” And if your family and friends loves to feast, the answer seems to be ...

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4 Detox Recipes: Eat Your Way To Renewed Energy and Vitality in the New Year

Let’s cut to the chase: As the holidays are approaching, many of you may be worried about your beer belly growing in size (just kidding ;) )  indulging in alcohol and fatty foods. Ok, take that back, some of you may want to grow your beer belly.  As I've promised in my last post, I'll be releasing one more recipe for the holidays. And... I've decided to be generous and give you 3 more recipes ...

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Healthy Thanksgiving & Christmas Express Recipes

As the holidays are approaching, many of you are planning parties, going to events, and obviously… feasting! Before Christmas… you’re juggling multiple tasks, trying to figure out which party to attend (and politely decline), and yes secretly wondering how you can burn all those calories you’ll be adding up during the holidays. And after Christmas? The nightmare begins. “You better not ...

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