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5 Easy Tips to Make a Super Smoothie and Lose Weight in 10 minutes (Interview with Emily von Euw Part 1)

Almost all of you know that eating more greens are better for you, and almost all of you could probably use more greens in your diet. But just because you know that greens are good for you does not necessarily mean that you'll actually eat the kale. As  a matter of fact, you may reach out for that fat-laden cheese dish, rather that same old boring kale salad (Really?) Even that picture of ...

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The Ultimate Sports Drink: Kale and Strawberry Energy Boosting Smoothie

Dark leafy greens. We need to eat more of them. They're so good for us!  Yes, I'm sure you've heard that many times. But, let's face it, munching salads all the time may not be too appetizing... especially if you're talking about bitter greens like kale and arugula. And who has the time to chew 20x per bite to digest the greens when you barely have enough time to sleep? This is exactly ...

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Detoxifiying Kimchi Mayo Kale Salad (This makes bitter kale tastes oh so delicious!)

It has been a while since I last published a recipe so I've decided to surprise you all with one sweet, spicy and luscious one, especially in celebration of National Kale Day and World Vegetarian Day. And this time, yes we're going to feature kale... again. Since kale has, and will always be our beloved vegetable (love/hate relationship), I thought I should address the most important concern ...

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4 Surprising Ingredients To Avoid When Choosing an Energy Bar

As summer is here, many of you will be traveling. And it is crucial to travel with healthy snacks, especially when you're on the plane, given the lack of healthy food options available. One of the easiest ways to obtain your optimal nutrition when you're on the run (when you don't have access to a blender), is to bring your own energy bar. With a plethora of energy bars to choose from, how do ...

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How to Make Unbelievable Raw Desserts that Tastes Better than Godiva Truffles – Without Worrying About Your Waistline

Wait, what? Raw desserts with unprocessed, healthy ingredients that taste even better than butter-drenched desserts full of refined sugars you feel oh-so-guilty eating afterwards? Why would you ever want to go back to your Godiva milk chocolate truffles? There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to make raw vegan desserts. To name a few, making raw desserts is fast, doesn't require ...

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Are All Salt and Sugar Really the Villain to Weight Loss and Health?

...And, we’re back. No, I haven’t forgotten about this series and the long-awaited Part 3 – that’s what today is for. Over the past few months, we’ve covered topics many of you gym enthusiasts wonder about, from the benefits of soaked nuts, to why you aren’t what you eat, and the best source of protein for workout recovery. We’ve established that digestion is the key to nutrition, and ...

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How to Eat Healthy International Raw Vegan Gourmet – Anywhere, Anytime

Last time around, we discussed how Mimi Kirk, winner of PETA Prime’s first “Sexiest Vegetarian over 50” contest, stepped up the game from vegetarianism to raw veganism at 69, why you can still be unhealthy as a vegan or vegetarian, tips to start incorporating raw foods into your lives, and more. We’ll pick up today from where we left off and cover why Mimi thinks dairy isn’t the health food the ...

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No, Don’t Faint: Why Durian is a Must-Have Tropical Fruit

Ever tried tropical fruit that  smells like revolting French cheese (Did your cat just take a dump)? Before you dread the thought of this pungent smell, you'd be surprised to know that this vitamin-C rich succulent, creamy, sweet fruit almost tastes like melted butter. Yes, I'm talking about durian,  the King of Fruits. Last time around, we talked about the top 5 tropical fruits you should eat ...

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