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3 Yoga Poses to Strengthen Core and Relieve Back Pain

You're probably too busy and inflexible ;) In an ideal world, you'd fit yoga into your schedule, but you're too swamped with spinning, running, and other more intensive workouts. I can't blame you. But what if there's a style of yoga that is very intense, works your core, and calms your mind? In this episode, we have Jen and Sean Silvera, the founders and owners of Baptiste Yoga San ...

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Eat, Surf, Pl(r)ay in Bali

Surf (if lucky, add kitesurfing). Meditate. Yoga. Massage. Body Scrub. Dance. Raw food! My dream. Perhaps yours too. This was my second time in Bali, and I am happy to return to this magical place, full of rituals, history, and beautiful scenery. Despite the chaos on the streets, locals seem to be relaxed, at peace, and welcoming. They seem to rejoice at the simple pleasures in ...

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6 Training Mistakes That Is Sabotaging Your Gains

If you’ve been training for a while, you may have nagging aches and pains... which suddenly turned into injuries such as a strained shoulder or injured back. While you may think the injuries "came out of nowhere," perhaps your cumulative poor posture at the gym is to blame. It’s not entirely your fault: even seasoned athletes and bodybuilders can make the same postural and training mistakes ...

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Ground-up crickets: The Highest Quality Protein Out There?

While you may cringe at the thought of chewing crunchy crickets, insect protein may just one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly, and healthy protein sources out there. Amongst the many benefits, insect protein may have: More arginine that soybeans More zinc than pumpkin seeds More protein than snail meat Low saturated fat content Maybe… you’ll give cricket protein ...

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3 Best Yoga Poses for a Lean, Healthier & Limber Body

Can you do yoga? With many subjects, the answer is probably “yes” or “almost.” But what if you only have a few minutes to spare each day? You can find workout moves on how to blast fat in five-minutes, but what about actual yoga poses you could do in five-minutes? So I’m going to share with you 3 yoga poses for a healthier body that makes you more malleable ;) Today, I've invited ...

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MMA Workout: How to Be Fit Like a Fighter

Have you ever been to a MMA fight and said, “MMA fighters look shredded… but how can I possibly train like them and gain that level of stamina, endurance, flexibility and strength?” I have. Luckily, I don’t have to wonder too much because I have invited Nate Moore, an American mixed martial artist to update me on how he trains. And yes you can read his Wikipedia entry here. In ...

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Valentine’s Day Easy Superfood Chocolate Truffles

Are you irritated by the lack of dates this Valentine’s Day? :( It can be annoying, especially when you see advertisements of seemingly happily-ever-after couples devouring their heart-shaped chocolate truffles. “Darn, where’s my lover?” Before you sulk eating your pints of Ben & Jerry in front of the TV by yourself (don’t worry, you have company), you may want to think ...

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8 Remarkably Simple Tips to Stay Healthy and Have Fun Over the Holidays

This happens to the best of us. I'm talking about ... the dreaded holiday weight gain. When you’re traveling and dining with your friends and family, do you have to deal with crappy airplane food, as well as crazy people who shove plates and plates of processed junk on your plate? The answer seems to be “probably.” And if your family and friends loves to feast, the answer seems to be ...

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